What they say about Bakti Mulya 400?

Karina Syahna – Top 10 Putri Indonesia 2019

SMA Bakti Mulya 400 is a very pleasant place to study. I met a lot of successful friends. They are very courteous and impressive. Also, the most important thing is the teachers who are nice and helpful to the students. They are constantly striving to produce the best students. As a result, my experience in BM 400 school is very valuable for my future. I hope BM 400 school will be more successful.

- Alumni
Irene Librawati – Art worker

For me, school is a second home for our children, so I am very selective when it comes to selecting a safe and comfortable school. I decided to looked the school directly. When I surveyed the Bakti Mulya 400 Junior High School, this school left a lasting impression on me. In the morning, I listened to the soothing chant of holy verses.

- Student Parent